What We Do

As a Christian organization, the Hope 5L2F Foundation will primarily work with Christian faith communities and NGOs to improve human lives and economic conditions in developing countries. This includes:

  • Alleviation of poverty among families through economic development and microenterprise.
  • Creation of job opportunities for improved quality of life and economic sustainability through business ventures.
  • Education of local persons especially targeting young women and men for entrepreneurship.


Economic Development Sites:

Buakjan Elementary School, Chiang Mai, Thailand

Located in Buakjan Village about 60 miles from Chiang Mai, the school has a student population of 170 children (K through 6th grade).  The Foundation is working with the school and the United Methodist Church mission in Thailand to develop vocational training programs for children.

Lisu Tribe Village in Chiang Mai, Thailand

Lisu Village is located about 20 miles from the city center of Chiang Mai.  Working with the only Christian church, the United Methodist Church, the Foundation is providing financial resources and training for members of the church to start their own businesses.

Economic Development Projects in Hanoi, Vietnam

​Women who were victims of human trafficking have opportunities to go through a 18 month rehabilitation training program which is sponsored by an international humanitarian agency in Hanoi.  In working with the international agency, Hope5L2F is providing financial resources for graduates of the rehabilitation program to start their own businesses.


Microenterprise Sites:

Craft Store in Phnom Penh, Cambodia

The national Women’s Association of Cambodia Methodist Church is planning to open a store in the Russian Market (the largest open market in the city). The foundation is working with the leadership of the national Women’s Association and the United Methodist Mission in Cambodia to facilitate this project.

Microcredit Program in Chiang Mai, Thailand

In working with local NGOs and the United Methodist mission in Thailand, the Foundation is providing financial resources for microcredit programs for individual Christians in Chiang Mai.


Phayao Bible College in Chiang Rai, Thailand
Phayao Bible College is the largest Bible institution in Thailand in terms of student population and campus size.  Hope5L2F is working with the leadership of the College to provide on-going, short term intensive training as well as scholarships for students.