Korean American Protestant Churches in the USA now have over 110 years of history. The first Korean American Protestant church, which is now known as Christ United Methodist Church, was formed in 1903 by the first group of Koreans who arrived in Honolulu, Hawaii. These Koreans were laborers hired to work in the sugar cane fields. 


Over the last 110 years, thousands of Korean American churches have been established throughout the USA and have become thriving congregations.  Many of these churches also have been very active engaging in missions around the world, working individually as well as with their respective denominational mission agencies.  For example, Korean United Methodist congregations in the USA have been actively involved in denominational mission efforts and played significant roles in developing more than 500 faith communities and churches in Southeast Asia during the last 15 years. 


As these faith communities and churches in mission fields are established, the issue of sustainability has become the most important challenge for everyone involved in mission development. One of the most effective ways to address this issue is to provide means to empower the members of these faith communities and churches in mission fields to sustain themselves economically. 


Hope5L2F Foundation was started by a group of Korean American Christians in the New York/New Jersey area who shared a vision of creating a new mission movement in 2014. The vision of the Foundation is to shape a new mission paradigm among Korean Americans in the USA through economic development and microenterprise. The Foundation seeks to advance God’s kingdom and transform faith communities and churches in mission fields utilizing economic development and microenterprise.  


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